Thank you for shopping at FUNBLUE. We appreciate the fact that you like to buy the great things we build. We also want to ensure you have a rewarding experience while you are exploring, evaluating and purchasing our products, whether you are in the FUNBLUE online store or at an authorized FUNBLUE center.

Just like anything else in the purchase, there are terms and conditions that apply to transactions in a FUNBLUE online store. The most important thing to remember is to make an online purchase of FUNBLUE, accept the terms set forth below with FUNBLUE's Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.


Products that require minimum purchase are non-negotiable and the quantities implicit in the portal are respected in case of placing an order, apply by equally colors.

For products WITHOUT PRINTING, the total must be paid in advance.

For goods WITH PRINTING, 50% of advance payment is required before beginning production, and the remaining 50% before being delivered.

We reserve the right to accept any order if there is a change in prices or if the merchandise is sold out.

Offers and price lists, manuals published or electronically, are indicative, FUNBLUE Mexico reserves the right to increase or modify these prices without prior notice. Orders are accepted with the reservation of a possible increase in price. The price offered only for the moment the stove is protected by an express and current quote issued by FUNBLUE Mexico, no more than 15 calendar days old.


Shipments by parcel, are made by the parcel and the modality of our preference.

FUNBLUE MEXICO is not responsible for the merchandise that travels by parcel.

If an unforeseen event occurs with the parcel, lost, stolen or any other event with the merchandise, it will be the responsibility of the customer to check with the carrier that comes, FUNBLUE can afford the information that helps the solution of your case if necessary, Under No responsibility towards the incident with the parcel.


In merchandise in stock and without personalization, the delivery time is 7-15 business days.

The delivery times here are informative son. They can be bigger or smaller. Always consult product availability and colors.

Delivery times may depend on each product and geographical point of destination.


Once the order is placed, no changes or returns are accepted.

It is merchandise in guarantee when:

In the cases of products with the customization and printing of the product has been made in our facilities and presents problems of quality and sea in the print or the product.

No warranties are accepted when:

  • The product has been customized outside of our workshop. (Even if the prints are deleted).
  • The material to return any sea presented in the packaging that was delivered together with all the accessories included in the box, must be presented as it was when first purchased.
  • The personalization of the product sea like the one of the arts authorized by the client and does not argue the non acceptance by the difference of art or idea.
  • No warranties are accepted after 5 calendar days upon delivery.


For samples and minimum purchases set in each product, they become an additional charge to the order for a minimum purchase of $ 300.00 M.N.

In the case of samples: If after ordering the model from which the sample was acquired, this shipment will be good.

Note: The cost of the sample will be the most expensive price on most products. Check final price of sample for each item.

Sample prices may vary and / or increase considerably depending on the item.

In some products, we do not have physical samples or sales below the established minimum.


Notify your payment so that we can process your order, this is what you can do from your distributor portal: www.funblue.com.mx there are natural fashion stores the option to notify your payment from the comfort of your browser, once That you have done our system will inform the area responsible for processing your payment as well as your shipping (shipment) of merchandise.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing with FUNBLUE México, the distributor has no right to request the cancellation of an order or compensation in case of delay in delivery of the product by accident or force majeure, or for reasons attributable to the supplier to the Distributor.

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