Frequently Asked Questions

How safe am I to make a purchase with you?
FUNBLUE is a company with global recognition and legally constituted, therefore we have a great prestige, for reasons like these in FUNBLUE we take very seriously our excellent reputation and for no reason put it at risk.
If the necessary stock of the product is not found when making my purchase online, what will happen?
In FUNBLUE we take very seriously the comfort and the times of our customers, for this reason we try that in every order or purchase that you make online, you have the guarantee of having the number of pieces requested at the time, in case of no If this is possible, one of our consultants will contact you via telephone to offer you the best alternatives for your particular situation.
After I place my order online and make the corresponding payment, what step should I follow?
FUNBLUE offers you on our website the option of confirming payment, where you can upload the receipt of your payment in the most comfortable way, the system will automatically process your payment and let us know and so proceed with sending your package.
What experience do they have in the middle of technology?
FUNBLUE belongs to ZANIDEA LAB, with more than 10 years of experience in the sector, focusing on exquisite digital products, functional and high quality. FUNBLUE was born in 2013. Due to continuous attention to technical excellence and good design, it has been awarded 2 awards in 2016.
Do you have physical stores?
FUNBLUE México is focused on wholesale distribution and for this reason we do not currently have a retail as such but we have a wide chain of distributors where you can find our complete range of products as well as in our online commerce:
Can I change my order once I finish it?
No, it is not possible to modify any order, in this case must be canceled from your dealer portal and make a new order, the system gives us 3 business days to make the corresponding payment, otherwise the system will cancel the order in automatic.
What payment methods do you accept?
Bank transfer, check deposit and cash deposit in our web portal, in our e-commerce sites (free market, Linus, Ibushak) we accept payments with credit card, debit and PayPal
What are the means with your distributors?
Cash, Credit Card, Debit and (PayPal only with some distributors)
What are the payment methods per website?
We have online stores like: (free market, Linio, Ibushak) on these sites we accept: Credit or debit card, bank deposit, electronic transfer and (PayPal only with one of them).
Do you ship outside of Guadalajara?
Yes, we have shipment to the whole Mexican Republic via parcels, FUNBLUE recommends always ensure your shipments to ensure the optimal reception of them.
Do you have branches in other states?
At the moment we do not have branches neither inside nor outside of Jalisco but we have shipments to all the republic and an extensive chain of distributors throughout the republic with which you can buy our products.
How many days does my order take to reach its destination?
3 to 5 days depending on the package and the type of shipment you choose, there is the next day shipping, but it has a high cost to the conventional shipment.
How can I know the status of my order?
Once you confirm the payment of your purchase, an email will be generated that specifies the guide number and other information related to your shipment, or you can also check it from your dealer portal at
Do you have any other means to consult?
Of course, we have a direct line where the FUNBLUE México team will resolve all your queries.
What guarantee do my products have?
In FUNBLUE is a priority the satisfaction of our customers, that is why we offer a 1 year warranty on factory defect, you will not hear the term "repair", since all warranty claims that are appropriate, will be replaced at 100%, thus avoiding Long waiting times for our users for equipment repair concepts, this will be changed in full and in record time, as long as they meet the requirements to make a warranty, which you can consult in our warranty policies at
Is it possible to quote a product that is not on your website?
Yes, it is possible to quote you the product you are requesting.
Do the prices you handle have to add VAT?
No, the value-added tax is 16% and is already contemplated in the prices you see published in all our products.
Can I get a dealer price even if I do not have the conditions of one?
Yes, as long as you purchase the minimum purchase that each product has specified in our portal:

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